Asbestos Surveys


Artisan Surveyors routinely undertake Management and Major Refurbishment / Demolition Asbestos Surveys in accordance with HSE Guidance Asbestos Note: The Surveyors Guide (HSG 264).

Management Asbestos Surveys are non-intrusive, and are designed to be carried out within buildings during normal occupancy. They aim to identify all reasonably accessible asbestos containing materials within the building, and form the basis of an Asbestos Management Plan. 

Major Refurbishment / Demolition Asbestos Surveys are intrusive, and are designed to identify all asbestos containing materials within the building structure required for a specific refurbishment or prior to demolition. 

Re-inspection Asbestos Surveys are primarily undertaken in buildings with an existing asbestos register. They are aimed at reassessing the condition of previously identified asbestos containing materials (usually annually) as part of an ongoing management strategy. 

We offer ongoing discounted re-inspection surveys and management as part of our membership packages, ensuring you remain compliant at all times.

Once our surveyors have carried out an asbestos survey on your property or site, we provide you with a full survey report that forms your Asbestos Register. We will also help you to put together your Asbestos Management Plan; putting in place policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities, training programmes and action plans in order to keep your staff and contractors safe and effectively manage any Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) within the property.

  • Reports
  • Sampling
  • HSE

Artisan Surveyors clear and concise
reports include:
• Building overview and survey summary
• Asbestos register
• Material risk assessment
• Sample analysis details
• Colour photographs of all samples
• Recommendations and advice for all asbestos
material identified
• Annotated floor plans

Artisan Surveyors offer a comprehensive asbestos sampling service within domestic, commercial and industrial environments where identification of specific highlighted materials are required.

All samples are taken in accordance with HSE Guidance Note: Asbestos: The analysts’ guide for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures (HSG 248) and are analysed by a UKAS Accredited laboratory.

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Our prices are incredibly competitive and inclusive of all sample analysis; we do not charge extra per sample taken on most surveys. Surveys will be booked usually within a week (often sooner) and reports can be completed in as little as 48 hours. Reports are made available in PDF format for ease of storage and distribution.

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