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The Tricky Places Asbestos May Be Hiding in the Workplace

Many people think that asbestos is only present in roofing, and therefore if they know what the roofing or insulation materials in non-domestic premises are, feel confident that they are asbestos free.

However, this is far from the truth, because asbestos can be hiding in many other locations. In fact, asbestos surveys at non-domestic premises can easily find asbestos in dozens of other locations. This is due to the fact that there can be insulation in many surprising places inside the structure of the workplace.

Asbestos survey reports from Artisan Surveyors will easily identify the hidden spots where asbestos may be hiding in your workplace. In case you have any doubts about the worth of a survey, here are some of the places where it may be concealed.

First of all, asbestos can be found on sprayed coatings, which can include ceilings, but also columns and beams. Any loose fill insulation may have asbestos, as well as lagging that is found around pipes and boilers in a building. Some water tanks have asbestos cement forming their foundation and insulation, making them another issue that is included in any asbestos management document.

It may surprise you to learn that even the toilet cistern and the toilet seat can potentially house asbestos in a building. Fire door AIB panels often have asbestos in them, as do AIB partition walls, so it is important to make sure that these potentially lifesaving installations do not cause health issues down the road, by replacing them if they start to age or deteriorate prematurely.