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Raising Awareness about the Risks of Asbestos

Although there was originally a lot of press about the risk of asbestos exposure during the seventies and eighties, when it was first discovered that asbestos was linked to many lung diseases, today many people do not often think about it. Sadly, the same people who may not think about asbestos may have the materials lurking in their homes. This is especially true if they live in older homes that have never completed an asbestos survey.

If your home is in a neighbourhood with older homes where asbestos has been found, then it is important that you too consider hiring someone properly trained in asbestos survey techniques to come out and take a look. Asbestos awareness is very important to this day; even if you are not tearing down an attic or area of insulation now, in the future you may decide to, and asbestos is not something you want to uncover accidentally .

By being properly informed beforehand about the presence of asbestos in a home, you can then have it removed by a team of professionals from Artisan Surveyors. We are huge advocates of asbestos removal awareness, because we know the many health threats it can pose to family, and even pets, within a home.

Some of the risks of asbestos exposure include lung cancer, mesothelioma, and COPD. There are many more, and in most cases, once these conditions develop they are not curable. Therefore, make the right decision and instead of guessing, make sure your home is asbestos free once and for all. Call Artisan Surveyors today for more information.