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Asbestos Coveralls

Artisan offer cat 3 type 5&6 protection in a 60gram SMS material disposable coverall. Lightweight but durable composition accompanied with breathable design and a 3 piece hood for better fit when wearing full face masks. Comfort of fit can be a concern with some disposable coveralls, so we ensure our coveralls have the following included:

Elasticated wrist, ankles and waist, 2 part zip allows coverall to be fastened from the top or the bottom, generous sizing for a more comfortable fit, bat wing feature providing additional material under arms and at crotch to provide more room when stretching, self adhesive zip cover for added protection.

These coveralls are designed for protection against hazardous substances, and contamination of personnel. They are typically used, dependant upon the severity and the toxicity of the conditions, for protection against airborne particles and limited non toxic splash and spray. These suits are suitable for use with asbestos during removal, surveying, sampling and maintenance works. Other applications for Type 5 & 6 Coveralls are Scenes of Crime, Spray Paint Clean-Up, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Demolition, Waste Clean-Up Operations, Refuse Processing, Maintenance Operations, Mineral Fibre Processing, Paint Spray Operations, Pharmaceutical Industry, Nuclear Industry, Chemical Processing Industry, Fire Clean-Up Operations, Pest Control, Petro-Chemical Industry, Research Environments, Fibreglass Processing, Park Maintenance.

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