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Keep the Volume Low and the Production Levels High in the Workplace

Employees that feel safe at work are more likely to put in an industrious day’s work, but you may have employees that are uncomfortable without you realising it. In fact, your employees may not realise it either. This is because noise pollution is not always easy to detect. Over time, noise can quickly become what is called white noise, just a steady sound that seems to fade into the background. However, even a less obvious sound can be dangerous, especially if it is over a certain threshold.

In fact, steady noise that is above safe decibels can actually lead to long term health problems such as migraines, aches, mood disorders and more. In many cases, people do not recognise that their problems are being caused by noise exposure, but these problems continue to plague their lives nonetheless. An employee that does not feel well will not put in a productive workday.

Instead, they are more likely to take sick days and will be more sluggish on the job. They will simply be trying to get through the day, instead of actually doing a stellar job. You can reverse this situation however, by taking note of potential noise pollution issues in the workplace.

Hiring a company to come in and assess the noise situation at your workplace, and conduct environmental noise monitoring, is a great way to get started. If a noise issue is found, then Artisan Surveyors can offer you advice about how to reduce the problem. Sometimes protective gear will be the solution, and sometimes changing work practices will be the way to go.

Finding the right solution is worth it however, because this will result in happier, healthier employees. These healthy employees will find that working is a pleasure instead of a chore. Reduce the noise and increase your workplace productivity now, with the help of Artisan Surveyors.