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Asbestos Management Plans

Once you have had an asbestos survey carried out on your property, the survey report forms your ‘Asbestos Register’. This is the basis of your Asbestos Management Plan, which would include policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities, training programmes and action plans you should put in place in order to make your building safe, and manage any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) within the property.

We can provide your Asbestos Management Plan, working with the relevant representatives within your organisation to obtain the required information and determine management strategies.

The following will be typically included in the management plan:

  • Priority / risk assessment scores.
  • Details of the location and condition of known ACMs (Material Assessment)
  • A table of action priorities and timescales.
  • Decisions on management of the ACMs, e.g. label, repair, encapsulate, or remove if there is a significant risk of exposure.
  • Monitoring arrangements including inspection of known ACMs at least every 12 months.
  • Employees and their responsibilities – training arrangements.
  • Formulation of an easily identifiable register for passing on information on the location of known ACMs to those who need it.
  • A timetable for review of the management plan.